Use case 1: Get occurrence data for a set of taxonomic names

Load library

from pygbif import species as species
from pygbif import occurrences as occ

First, get GBIF backbone taxonomic keys

splist = ['Cyanocitta stelleri', 'Junco hyemalis', 'Aix sponsa',
  'Ursus americanus', 'Pinus conorta', 'Poa annuus']
keys = [ species.name_backbone(x)['usageKey'] for x in splist ]

Then, get a count of occurrence records for each taxon, and pull out number of records found for each taxon

out = [ = x, limit=0)['count'] for x in keys ]

Make a dict of species names and number of records, sorting in descending order

x = dict(zip(splist, out))
sorted(x.items(), key=lambda z:z[1], reverse=True)