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Python client for the GBIF API

Source on GitHub at gbif/pygbif

Getting help

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Installation guide
How to install pygbif.


Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions.
Usecases for pygbif.


pygbif modules
Introduction to pygbif modules.
occurrence module
The occurrence module: core GBIF occurrence data, including count, search, and download APIs.
registry module
The registry module: including datasets, installations, networks, nodes, and organizations.
species module
The species module: including name search, lookup, suggest, usage, and backbone search.
maps module
The maps module: including map.
utils module
The utils module: including wkt_rewind.

All the rest

See what has changed in recent pygbif versions.
pygbif contributors.
Learn how to contribute to the pygbif project.
Contributor Code of Conduct
Expected behavior in this community. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.
The pygbif license.

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